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Get ready to jump into the death arena in this beam drive leap of death car jump. Just hold the steering and drive fast. Number of Vehicles to choose from the garage. Start mission of leaping from roof to ground at high speed. Remember you only hear to play in death ramp and avoid clashing with objects. Crash leads to death in a realistic way. Enjoy three gameplay environments free mode, level mode, and stunt arena with a leap of death. Before this, you have enjoyed much beaming driving like a stunt master car driving with a crash on high ramps and stairs ramps. But now in the play store enjoy beaming driving with a leap of death in a car jump. Sure you forget all jump car and ramps car racing games. Because this car jump driving gives 100% crash in driving with high jumps from the roof. In Stunt Crusher Jumps enjoy a variety of driving tasks like blatant crash accidents, a busted car hitting, knockout accident simulator, smash hitting destruction, and highway derby crash. Jump right into the deadly demolition arena and thrash your opponents in this high-ramps car jump arena.



  • Unity Version 2021.3.11f1
  • Clean Code
  • Easy to Reskin
  • Unity/AdMob ads added(Banner/Interstitial/Rewarded)
  • IAP Added(In-App Purchase Added)
  • Start to make money with monetization
  • Social Media Buttons 
  • Auto-Rotation (Portrait Left/Portrait Right)
  • Ready to be Published
  • Professional Support
  • 15+ High-Quality Cars added to choice from


Link Demo:

Stunt Crasher Full Project / Template / Monetization Enabled

€ 79,00Price
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