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5 Ways to Make Money with Mobile Games

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The popularity of mobile devices and the huge increase in technological capability have taken the mobile app industry to the next level. In 2017, 80% of all app revenue came from gaming apps for both the Apple iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. The mobile gaming industry accounts for $ 50 billion in global gaming revenue.

Back in 2007–2008, the app market was completely new and fresh, publishing apps was not the only objective to earn money. Projects were usually created with a passion for your craft. At that time there were only two ways to make a game app, either make it with an agency or pay Android or iOS game developers USA to make it. At that time AndEngine was big and one of the main solutions for Android game development. But currently, the mobile app industry is growing in size every year. Money can also be earned through mobile apps. In this article, I have mentioned 5 ways to earn money from mobile games.

Top Ways to Make Money with Mobile Games

How much revenue an app earns depends largely on the monetization strategy. According to Statista, in 2017 the leading app publisher for mobile gamers worldwide was Net marble Games. In September 2017, he earned $ 58.47 million from his game on the Google Play Store. For non-gaming applications, in October 2017 LINE Corporation earned approximately $ 11.79 million from apps installed on Android devices.
This shows that there is a huge difference in revenue depending on the type of app. While the top games can earn more than non-gaming apps. There is a lot of competition in the gaming world so it can be difficult for you to compete with industry leaders. Industry leaders are still earning millions of dollars every month from just one platform. Consider future projections of worldwide mobile app revenue in the coming years.

Extreme work ethic

It has nothing to do with any skill or any hack or trick. If you do not have a work ethic, you will not be able to stick to that which requires earning money with mobile games. Make sure you are passionate about making mobile games. Will you sacrifice enjoyable distractions to create your new game? Putting time and your best work is no longer an option, it is a necessity.
For work ethics, if your game is for the Android platform, then you can hire the best Android game development company. If your game is for the iOS platform then you can hire iOS game developers USA. Trustworthy partners care about making games and want to provide the best experience possible.


“In-app advertising is one of the popular ways to earn money. But to do this effectively, you need to research your users. To get the most money you need to align your ads with the products and services they need. Apps must be displayed at the right time to be effective. Advertising is still a great way to earn from free apps without in-app purchases in the App Store.”


The concept of membership is very straightforward and effective. You charge users for a specific period. Monthly and annual subscriptions are the most common ways of obtaining this type of income. There are many free apps. However, they charge different subscription packages and different monthly rates for in-app purchases. Users can pay $ 11.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year.
A report has revealed that subscription-based apps make 50% more money per user than other types of in-app shopping apps. The best way to earn more and more money with a subscription app is to target a larger audience. You need to have a creative developer’s team or Android game development company/ios game developers USA that can do a better job of improving your app and keeping it relevant to your customers.


If you have an existing business that sells products or services, a mobile app can help you make more money. Providing a product or service directly to users can be a very viable way to earn money, you have to keep your marketing, pricing, and logistics in mind.
Like Pokémon Go is a free app to download. Throughout gameplay, users can do certain things to earn coins. These coins can be used to purchase items that enhance gameplay. This is a great strategy to earn money because you do not have to spend anything extra to provide these intangible coins.

Invest some money for user acquisition

The gaming app market is full of game apps, today everyone is online and everyone wants the online presence of their business trying to find tricks to attract the masses. Achieving pure organic growth is very difficult and complex these days, many businessmen are trying to achieve something similar to yours.
Sometimes you have to invest a little bit to get ahead in the competition. You may need to invest in those initial 5,000 downloads to boost your game and achieve organic growth. Facebook and Instagram are the perfect options for this. Facebook has a lot of user data and you can use this data to target your customers.


With the mobile game application, you can earn a lot of money. But how much money your app can earn depends on many factors such as platform, type of app, and revenue strategy. The technology involved in creating a mobile app can be overwhelming. If you are unsure of how to spend and use your resources efficiently there are a lot of online resources that can make your experience work for you. You can hire an Android game development team to increase the revenue of your mobile game app. Hiring iOS game developers USA is also effective, they can give you better results.


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